Urban Legend 4

Urban Legend 4

Urban legends are not just legends...
Contest ended 8 years ago 1/23/2006 12:00:00 AM EDT

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  • Cost: 10 credits
  • Jackpot: 100 credits

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The Bonsai Kitten is all the rage. Get one for that special cat lover in your life.
Heck, get all three! Full view is 1300x1600 px


A U.S. couple, while on vacation in Mexico
bought what was described as a Mexican pup.

They smuggled it back into the country.

When it became ill, they took it to a veterinarian,
and were surprised to hear that it was not a dog;
it was a sewer rat.

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Lead in the Lipstick? Why not?!?!

With new Hot Lead Lipstick you'll have the look all the girls are dying from... I mean for.



The source. The myth.
View full to see all the crusty, bloody, and metallic goodness.


Say "Bloody Mary" thirteen times in front of a mirror, and the blood thirsty queen will come and rip your face off...
Click here for the legend...

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You Never See a Mirror in the Dark


I knew it all the time!!!


"Roswell revisited"


The Kidney Heist.

Guy gets picked up by a woman at a bar.
She takes him back to her hotel room.
Fixes him a drink. Boom! Knocked out.
When he wakes up,
he's in a bathtub full of ice...
and he realizes that one of his kidneys has been removed.

Supposedly they sell them
on the black market.

Some of the sources here:


From the true legend of the early formulas of Coke containing cocaine... Made the compact out of a standard make-up and replaced the eye-shadow trays w/ the mirror. Then brought the can in and played with reflections for a few hours.:)


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