If Vampires Ruled

If Vampires Ruled

This is a free contest! Vampires, Vampires and more Vampires.
Contest ended 4 years ago 1/10/2010 12:00:00 AM EDT

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In a world dominated by vampires, this is how an aircraft safety card could look like. Because, what if someone brought garlic or silver to an airplane, it would be chaotic!

Worked a lot on this. Appreciate all comments.


Can you get drunk on blood?

Please do not critique my entry.

What else will be appealing to a vampire than a bloody and juicy piece of chicken?


This blood's for you.


Everyone still needs to make a living!

Stock Thanks to mjranumstock


and the morgue file



What would our lower class communities become if we were all vampires?


I guess not all vampires are fearless :P
Something like this actually happened to a friend of mine. We were on a bar and this waitress screamed something to him (I think about a drink or something ) and and he kinda got scared lol. In his defense she looked kinda scary lol.
And didn't really have much time to add some details etc. And I know the boy sucks and I wanted to manipulate him again, but don't have the time :( and many other thinks which I don't want to point out. Oh and I'm not hoping for a high place either since I know voters here aren't really friendly with illustration- like images.
And if you're wondering why she isn't wearing any shoes. Well it's my vampire-land, I make the rules here :P lol
I will put the sources after the contest finnishes don't have much time right now, if anyone's interested or WIP maybe. Dunno about it kinda busy these days. But I love to put them so...

Please do not critique my entry.

I wonder what kind of "presence" he'll bring?


Well some one had too

Main Image - one of mine from a fashion shoot, background image Wikipedia Public Domain Images


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