Atareality 5

Atareality 5

Images inspired by video games
Contest ended 4 years ago 9/16/2009 12:00:00 AM EDT

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A scene of the popular video game "Super Mario Kart"...

Bowser in his Kart is next to throw the flying shell searching for the victory...

This was a little hard to do but funny at same time, I hope you like it and dont forget to see the Source Images and view full.


The Witch from the game "Left 4 Dead". Here's a link of what she looks like in game. (Note the long fingers) Oh, and here's a WIP :)


While skateboarding in a strangely green-colored pipe, a local man was attacked by an onion-like plant with razor sharp teeth. Details at 11.

piranha plant


View Full for all details!

This is an "Undead" from World of Warcraft.
Reference 1
Reference 2
Reference 3

I tried to make the faces as different as possible and make the second one more "skeletal"


For those not fortunate enough to have played it, this is the game. At a young age, it was fun to fill out the wagon party with riotous names such as this one. Also, feel free to gander at the sources.


Please view full. :)
Sources : figure
, rock1,rock2,place, fire 1, fire 2

Game : Serious sam ,Serious Sam pics


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